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Ken, are you going to update the *cartoon*??

Posted by Red Fish (Posts: 5857)
on May-2-08 11:33am

Not to add anymore work to your plate, but I thought the cartoon was informative and "thought-porovoking" even before it was explained that it is characteristic of an actual event taking place in LaJolla, and is actually political in nature. The assumption is that there would be at least a monthly update of it. Just a comment/suggestion as, people do pay attention to this board. Ha, ha, we can silently suggest the "Fish-of-the-Month" to be Rumble Fish's 42" halibut. I could also do enough *coding* to do simple updates like a FOTM column, that is basically just arranging a few pictures and maybe a simple title, so, do have people that are willing to help out with the little they know Ken.

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Ken, are you going to update the *cartoon*??   Red Fish - May-2-08 11:33am
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