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manhattan beach 5/01

Posted by jeremy8m (Posts: 31)
on May-1-08 11:45pm

plan was to head to manhattan pier for bait fish and take that in search of halibut up towards el porto/dockweiler...

we got to the pier around 630am and used the sabiki rig to get the live bait...it was kinda slow with bait, but we got sardines throughout the morning. started fishing the pier (w/ live sardines) because the bait catch was slow. 20 minutes after getting there one pole goes off....zzzzzzzz. like breaks after a looong run straight out to sea. 10 min later same thing on the other pole. third times a charm...my brother got his first leopard shark (4.5ft approx)

after that we took what bait we caught and tried for some halibut up towards el porto but by then it was low tide with a VERY shallow sandbar...threw some lures, no luck. back to the pier.

when we got back to the pier the sardines werent biting but we were able to catch some small perch...threw a couple of those out. 20 minutes later BANG! another huge hit and straight out to sea...picked up the pole and couldnt slow him down AT ALL, couldnt gain on it and finally snapped the line. threw one more perch out and right when we were about to pack up my pole goes off again, this time i was able to bring it in...my first leopard shark (4ft approx). all released. left around noon.

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