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live anchovies - what are those for!?!~

Posted by rumble_fish (Posts: 11)
on May-1-08 1:11pm

i caught this halibut in the eastbay on a lure this morning. it measured 45 inchse an about 6 inches thick. it probabbly was around 25 or 30 pounds. im 6ft tall.

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live anchovies - what are those for!?!~   rumble_fish - May-1-08 1:11pm
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You're in some kind of black vortex!!   Clayman - May-1-08 1:30pm
Nice fish. That's a good way to hide your spot.   Spindoktah - May-1-08 1:33pm
Re: live anchovies - what are those for!?!~   savage1 - May-1-08 2:03pm
barndoor halibut.   clutch633 - May-1-08 2:08pm
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nice fish..   polishfromthedeep - May-1-08 2:12pm
Really nice fish...   scooterfish - May-1-08 7:37pm
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At least give us a Zip Code. Daym   headbuffalo - May-4-08 8:58am
Purpose of post?   Ken Jones - May-4-08 11:10am
i dont know why you posted?   rumble_fish - May-4-08 4:35pm
Useful information...   scooterfish - May-5-08 12:20pm
Exactly.   Ken Jones - May-5-08 3:38pm

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