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Reminder on search function

Posted by Ken Jones (Skipper - Posts: 11990)
on May-1-08 6:07am

(The classic search function advice)

Date: February 6, 2006
To: PFIC Message Board
From: dompfa ben
Subject: Put the FUN back in "Search FUNction"

(PFIC website) has served me as a valuable database of archived catches for the S.F. Bay Area (including my own), making my fishing more of a science.

Oldtimers often harp on newbies to "do a search" before asking some "old" question (a question, by the way, that is probably "new" to the "newbie.") But newbies need not be the only ones having all the search fun. The next time you're grounded due to inclement weather or avian flu, here's some ideas using the search function on PFIC to make fishing more fun, successful, information, devotional, or even--as Red suggests--scientific:
[IMPORTANT PREREQUISITE COURSE: Read, Advanced Search Tips which should be called "Basic Search tips I should know to make life easier and make the search function more meaningful so that I don't have to ask questions that I know I will be ridiculed for not knowing the answers to."]

1. Got experts? Try searching by a specific name of a fish. Then, record which screen names most often appear with those species. For example a search of "rockfish report" will yield 1,576 posts; "rockfish report frozendog" will yield 105 posts; "rockfish report dompfa" offers up 20. Find out who's who on PFIC, then search for their names!

2. You have a fishing journal, you just didn't know it. Search for your own screen name + "report". If you posted it as a report, it's in there. Tabulate, calculate, date...and then catch more fish like you always knew you could.

3. Find the regulars at "your spot." Search for a specific location, and observe which screen names come up repeatedly. E-mail those people. Make new friends and fishing buddies.

4. Find the regulars at "your next new spot." Search for a specific location that you've always wanted to find out about, but were afraid to ask. Observe which names come up repeatedly. E-mail those people, and beg, borrow, and barter for information. Swearing secrecy about any and all information might help your cause. Make new friends and fishing buddies.

5. What's the best bait for...? Search for the names of common baits: anchovy (and various derivations of those names = chovy, chovie, etc.)...then read it all. Focus your search by adding the abbreviations of months during which you plan to use said bait (for example, adding "Jan" will bring up all the times "anchovy" appeared in a post from January) and specific species (i.e. bonito, bass, rockfish, perch) will further refine your search. Tabulate, calculate, and date...and then catch more fish like you always knew you could.

6. Really bored? See how much you've grown! Find your first post. It's rather simple-- Start by searching for your name and the two-digit year in which you joined PFIC. Subtract one from the year until no results appear. Once you've IDed the year, refine your search with the three-letter month abbreviation. Start with "Dec" and go backwards. Find the earliest day in the earliest year with your name on it... and you found your first post! Read it and see what a better angler, nay--better HUMAN you have become! And to think: You once wondered, "where's the best place to catch fish at?" Makes you go hmmm....

7. Put faces with names Search for a person's screen name + "picture". While you might have to sift through a variety of poor quality camera phone shots of fish without anything in the frame to measure scale except for some hot, dry pier surface (OK, that was wrong of me...), you will eventually find gems like these (all found using PFIC search): gems all, I tells ya...

8. Expand your knowledge of the Fishable Internet! There are 7,392 posts containing the search phrase "url". Get to know all of them. Better yet, it appears that Rich and Ken have designed and are developing a "links" page that can be accessed by clicking at the top of the page, or by clicking here.

9. Pick a word, any word... Search for any word your mind can imagine, or that your 7th grade vocabulary teacher would be proud to hear you remembered. Chances are...it's somewhere in PFIC. Try the following SAT words: banal, alacrity, acrimonious, eleemosynary, calcify, turbidity, curmudgeon, canard, bling...OK, the last one probably isn't on the SAT. But you get the idea. A better way to learn new words might be to search "Posted by Songslinger" but you'd miss a few. Not many...but a few.
10. Stand on the shoulders of giants, and see farther Learn from the search function--that's why it is here! Then, use what you have learned, grasshopper, and post something worthy of being searched, er, seeked...I mean, sought. Read. Yeah, that's it.
Now...git 'er done! Use the Search FUN! ...ction.

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