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With all the controversy regarding...

Posted by calrat (Posts: 810)
on Apr-29-08 11:40pm

cilantro these days...

I've decided to start my own non-profit.

"Anti-Cilantro League United." (ACLU)

We encourage all to come "out of the ceviche" and stand against the tyranny of global garnish terrorism.

I hate cilantro.

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With all the controversy regarding...   calrat - Apr-29-08 11:40pm
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Yeah.   eelmaster - Apr-30-08 12:38pm
NONE of that stuff belongs on a plate.   mel - Apr-30-08 1:36pm
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Sign my wife (teddybear) up she HATES the stuff.   Santa - Apr-30-08 9:26pm
Great bait for opaleye, or at least...   Ken Jones - May-1-08 6:11am

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