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April 27 '08, South Jetti, Humboldt

Posted by Sebastes2 (Posts: 413)
on Apr-29-08 8:57pm

This is why I made the 'Little Dipper'.
My buddy and I arrived at the South about 11am. It was calm and beautiful so we headed out to the dolos. Tricky little things those dolos are but we managed to get out to a couple nice spots. I tried to get to a spot I was at a day or so before where I missed a Ling that struck a couple of times. You know it's a Ling when you miss a hit, pull up your lure and it's just shredded. But I couldn't get out there cause it was under water. So I got real close.
I didn't get the Ling but I did get a fat little Greenling. Tossed it back and kept working the dolo holes. I missed a couple gnarly strikes that I want to say were Cabezon but who knows. No more fish there so we started to move back down the jetti. A lot of people had a lot of fish, mostly fat Greenies. I saw another dude come out of the dolos with a nice little Cab and a fat Greenie.
Down the jetti the current was really cuttin along the rocks and made it difficult to cast out at all. I turned to the 'Little Dipper' and started working holes with a soft plastic crab, texas rigged. I missed a couple of bites, it was slow for a while. One bite I missed came from a submerged rock right in front of me. It was a good hit so I put it right back there. A nice hit again and I thought I had another fat Greenie on the line. I started bringing it up a little but it had another idea and started taking me down. Wow, the 'Little Dipper' is a beast! My reel has a drag locking feature which I keep locked for some stupid reason. I had to switch that real quick or I think something was going to break. Some awesome runs and I thought I had either a very spirited Ling or a niiiiice Cabezon. I brought it up once before another run and saw all Brown. I thought it was going to be a big Grass Rockfish but no, it was a Cab.
21", 5# 14oz is the biggest Cab yet for 'Lil D'. It felt so good to catch it with 'Lil D'. He, I mean it is only 5'6", med heavy bass action and super sensitive.
After that it started gettin late quick so I headed back to the truck to finish up there. My buddy whos truck it was, didn't have the same plans and stayed out there for a while longer. I ran into a couple of guys who had a nice Ling. We hung out "Humboldt style" for a bit talking about our fish and the like. They were cool. They left and I waited for my buddy by the truck with no more bites. He didn't catch anything but I still think he's cool

Let's fish!

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