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Incident at HB Pier w/large fish & Ruby's Diner

Posted by fission machine (Posts: 4)
on Apr-28-08 11:44pm

New to this board... Just wanted to throw this post up and if necessary maybe recruit some backup in case we need it. During last summer I was fishing the HB pier and 2 latino gentleman caught a large guitar fish. After landing it on the deck, a waitress from the Ruby's diner (located right on the end of the pier) came out and told the gentleman who caught it "that is a shark, and you are not allowed to keep those!" She then proceeded to kick the fish toward the side of the pier. Hearing/seeing the commotion, I told them to ignore her, that she was full of s- - t, and she did not know what she was talking about, and not to let her kick the fish off of the pier. She did manage to kick the fish off of the pier into the water. At that point I gathered up the gentleman and went inside to speak to the manager of the Ruby's. I should say that neither of the 2 latino gentlemen were overly fluent in english (which matters not to me - but I think has a partial bearing in this case.) Once inside, we found the manager, and AHA - he spoke better spanish than I speak english!!! The mgr told us he would address the issue and that it would not occur again.

Now, last night I went down to the HB pier, and who do you think I ran into? The gentleman who had caught the fish from last summer. Surprise, surprise, when he told me (through an interpreter) that last Wednesday night he had landed a large fish, and that one of the waitresses (a different one this time) had come out, made some remarks about not being able to keep it, and took photographs while making threats about "calling in a complaint."

Well - these are only 2 incidents (I know there has been more) that have occurred at this particular pier. I deduced that some family of tree huggers (or those types who think that Bambi is real) saw the fish land on the deck, and made comments to the waitress in regards to animal cruelty or some other closure related babble.

I have contacted the corporate office of Ruby's and with quite a surprise - got a direct email letter back from the CEO himself - with the assurance that he would "personally look into the matter in order to resolve it."

This is only my first step. If I hear this continues to happen, or if it is common on other piers where there are Ruby's - please do not hesitate to contact me at the email located below. I will not tolerate this mini-dfg agent/animal cruelty balogna in my back yard - and I do not believe anyone else should either. For your consideration - I thank you.


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