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Dockweiler on a Monday morning

Posted by gordo grande (Posts: 3434)
on Apr-28-08 3:23pm

I went to Dockweiler to fish the low tide, in anticipation of the surf fishing clinic there in two weeks. I thought it would be a good chance to check out the structure and get a general feel for the place again. I couldnít believe how much trash was on that beach on a Monday morning. It looked like a hurricane had gone through. Fortunately, the Dept. of Beaches and Harbors was cleaning the place up. I guess it must be a weekly occurrence.

Beach clean-up

clogged trash can

Fishing was pretty slow. I threw a lucky craft for about 30 minutes looking for halibut, but didnít find any. Switched to some Gulp Camo Sandworms hoping to find some little perchies. It took awhile, but I did eventually find some who wanted to play.

Lonely Perch

Gordo Grande

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