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Late report from the Central Coast

Posted by frozendog (Posts: 1848)
on Apr-28-08 11:40am

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Wednesday morning (April 23) had a 7AM minus tide and I like fishing in a low or minus tide. It gives you the opportunity to see the structure - the rocks you don't normally see and can cast to. Also, you get to look at the kelp in the area with the water lower. I planned to fish further out and then possibly, in close as the tide came in, trying to remember where the holes and rocks were. Nothing at the first spot, no bites, so I moved to a point nearby that has deeper water.

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Fished for an hour with no action, but then as the tide started coming in, finally got bit. First fish was a 14" brown rockfish.

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I don't catch a lot of these, only occasionally at a few deeper spots. Next bite I missed - one of those that heads for the hills with your bait and I never seem to be able to hook. Third bite was the best fish of the day - a chunky cabezon, about 20" - nice fish. He gave that classic bulldog fight all the way in - even stuck me behind a rock. I took my time, carefully waited for a big wave to come in and wash him over the rock. I didn't want to pull him over the rock as I knew the hook would come out of his mouth. I just waited for the right wave to assist me. The fish was barely hooked and in good shape when I finally got him in, so I released him.

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That was it for the next hour, no bites at all, just snags. Rather than drive further up the coast to another spot, I decided to break out the sliding sinker rigs and fish in close. Once again, that worked. I caught a 12" grass rockfish and a 12" black and yellow. The fish were caught on frozen squid and salted sardines, caught last fall. It was one of those rare days when I caught three different type rockfish from the same spot - a brown, a grass and a black and yellow.

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By now, the wind was starting to blow, so it was time to go. The wind always blows this time of the year on the Central Coast from about noon on - just have to expect it. I sat down for a bit and had a sandwich and as I was getting ready to leave, I looked up and saw a whale blow straight out from me, close to shore. While I watched he came close enough that I could probably cast to him.

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It was another beautiful day on the Central Coast.

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