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BP 4/26/08, Combat Fishing at its best

Posted by illcatchanything (Posts: 421)
on Apr-28-08 7:13am

Hooked up with Redfish, SSC, Big Rich, Hiking Jay & his wife, and several others, trying to slay some flat fish on Saturday AM. LOTS of people fishing, reminded me of Pacifica during the Salmon runs. We were set up just beyond the 2nd station. Saw a couple other PFIC'ers including Thunder and Songslinger fishing further down. Nice keeper halis for SSC, Jay and Red. Red also landed a 17" bass (released of course). I managed to farm a beautiful "halibite" by tring to set the hook sturgeon style. Oh well.... I did manage to land a medium size ray that gave me a great fight when he hit on my light rod with 10# test. Made me a firm believer in P=Line. Most, if not all fish caught on live chovies. Great weather.

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