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Manhattan surf and pier 4/27

Posted by mahigeer (Posts: 714)
on Apr-27-08 11:34pm

After spending a hot day at home I was eager to soak my feet in some cool ocean water,
and feel the cool breeze.
Manhattan was the destination. I started on the north shore of the pier and kept moving north.
My first setup was a Carolina rig with ¾ oz, egg sinker. I had my Okuma bait caster reel (not too happy with it) with braid for the main line.
I put on a motor oil grub with flakes. As I was rigging it, I could see it in my mind the perch fighting with each other to hit it. One can dream can’t one?

I make the first cast and ding… there goes the rig. Somehow the centrifugal break did not function or who knows why; the braid breaks.
Normally it would not be a big deal. Just tie a new rig. Well it was not meant to be.
I did not have with me anymore snap swivels. However; I did have with me a 3” mackerel color crankbait. I tossed it for about an hour till the sun went down.

After feeling rejected by the fishing spirits, I put my tackle away and walked the pier.
There were some mackerel caught earlier in the day. An experienced pier regular, who had been fishing all day, showed me a picture of a leopard shark that he had gotten earlier. He said it measured over 50”.
No one was fishing the surf side of the pier, and few people were at the end.

The pier looks good with the new trash cans and the new paint on the railings.

There is always tomorrow. I’ll be back.

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