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Alameda Striper - Plan 'B'

Posted by Salty Nick (Posts: 3185)
on Apr-27-08 1:21pm

Plan 'A' was to catch some live bait with the castnet, and then head to BP - tried in several spots throughout Alameda & Oakland without any luck. So after about 1 1/2 hours of throwing the net for nada, I switched to Plan 'B' - which was to plug, or what I like to call, 'practice'. Threw a 1oz. Spro bucktail jig (chartreuse/white), with a chartreuse curly tail.

I tried one spot for a half hour with no results (which didn't surprise me). Tried another spot I never tried, but could see from the first spot. There were a few pluggers and a few bait fishermen, so I figured someone must have caught fish there at one time - I tried throwing for about 10 minutes on one side of them. I walked further on and saw a nice corner, where it looked like it might be deeper.

After throwing for about 20 minutes, something hits my lure hard and starts running - at first I thought I had hooked a ray. It used the outgoing current and ran out my drag for a pretty good run, and I couldn't stop it - I practically had the butt of my rod to it. I put a lot of constant pressure on it, and it eventually slowed. I was then able to pump it in against the current - was a nice 22.5" striper. Threw for another 40 minutes for no other hits, quit around 10am. Weather was great!


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