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Delta Fishing   its a keeper - Apr-26-08 4:31pm
Rio Vista   headbuffalo - Apr-26-08 2:38pm
night of ray fishing   mkdinc - Apr-26-08 10:03am
Redondo Muni. 4/25   mahigeer - Apr-26-08 9:07am
very late report Balboa - Wednesday   norcalrod - Apr-26-08 12:50am
Dumbarton, 4/25   crass - Apr-26-08 12:03am
Catalina 2008   Jimbojack - Apr-25-08 9:09pm
Berkeley Pier 4/25   P boy - Apr-25-08 4:15pm
Nice day for Anything   mixbreed - Apr-25-08 2:27pm
hi's tackle box replacement done today   headbuffalo - Apr-25-08 11:39am
Shark Attack In San Diego (FATAL)   san_diego_pier_man - Apr-25-08 11:12am
rio vista today anyone?   headbuffalo - Apr-25-08 9:52am
Salt Point - better get busy writing   piemel - Apr-25-08 9:38am
Coconut Catch   snookie - Apr-25-08 7:11am
North Carolina Piers—   Ken Jones - Apr-25-08 5:56am
Rededication of Gulfport, Mississippi pier—   Ken Jones - Apr-25-08 5:54am
antioch stripers   alanfish23 - Apr-25-08 1:01am
Marina State Beach   la mosca - Apr-24-08 10:24pm
Eastbay leopards and rays   fish4free - Apr-24-08 9:22pm
Goleta Beach - April 24, 2008   Big Hammer - Apr-24-08 6:38pm
Mechanical bait-runner fishing boat   Raider - Apr-24-08 3:13pm
Rio Vista 5 keepers   headbuffalo - Apr-24-08 2:27pm
Catalina Bonito rigging details   scooterfish - Apr-24-08 1:10pm
Pacific Coast Online Nautical Charts...   Salty Nick - Apr-24-08 9:38am
Berkeley Pier Report, 4/23/08   SurfFisher - Apr-24-08 9:37am
San Diego Bay 4-23-08   san_diego_pier_man - Apr-24-08 8:10am
MLPA — preliminary results   Ken Jones - Apr-24-08 6:17am
How Much of a decline of Bay Stripers????   goingfishin - Apr-23-08 10:33pm
Catalina 2008   scooterfish - Apr-23-08 7:55am
Surf smelt,Grunion,American Shad, Razor/Pismo clam   SurfFisher - Apr-22-08 10:58pm
Late report, Humboldt south jetty 4/20   fish4free - Apr-22-08 10:14pm
Visiting Balboa or Newport   norcalrod - Apr-22-08 9:43pm
surf stripers   Sin_Coast - Apr-22-08 3:30pm
Is it worth it or not??????   buzzcatcher - Apr-22-08 11:20am
Goleta, Gaviota, Avila, or Morro bay?   polishfromthedeep - Apr-22-08 10:28am
Any boni at the San Diego piers yet?   sd_fisher - Apr-22-08 9:06am
Rio Vista Stripers on sunday   headbuffalo - Apr-22-08 12:43am
Catalina get-together 2008   mahigeer - Apr-21-08 4:26pm
Just got home a short time ago and...   Ken Jones - Apr-21-08 12:48pm
Belmont Shores 4-19   BLASTMASTER - Apr-21-08 12:24pm
Any tips on casting farther with light metal jigs?   blah - Apr-21-08 11:29am
these Grunions will make an angler cry   playinhookey - Apr-21-08 10:19am
HMB (Pillar Point) Jetty   illcatchanything - Apr-21-08 9:16am
More Catalina!   gordo grande - Apr-21-08 9:08am
Officer Bowers...   red fish - Apr-21-08 7:13am
My Catalina 2008 report   gordo grande - Apr-20-08 10:35pm
Some posts deleted   gyozadude - Apr-20-08 9:38pm
Catalina PFGT 2008   gyozadude - Apr-20-08 7:22am
I'm sitting here going crazy waiting for...   kingfisher - Apr-20-08 3:09am
rio vista   friscostriper - Apr-19-08 10:41pm
has anyone been to goleta recently???   kingfisher - Apr-19-08 4:51pm
Friday Night El Granada E. Jetty   norcalrod - Apr-19-08 2:53pm
Berkeley Livebait to open Sunday   berklivebait - Apr-19-08 11:47am
Thursday, Carquinez Straight   illcatchanything - Apr-19-08 10:11am
first post - stripers eastbay   rumble_fish - Apr-18-08 4:54pm
Chill out and fish   savage1 - Apr-18-08 2:00pm
looking for advice, new to fishing SF Bay Area   prayformojo - Apr-18-08 11:50am
San Diego Bay 4-17-08   san_diego_pier_man - Apr-18-08 8:41am
Gaviota 4/17   polishfromthedeep - Apr-18-08 8:32am
More Balboa Pier Keepers   snookie - Apr-18-08 6:54am
thursday nite fishing   mkdinc - Apr-18-08 1:38am
Where do the Salmon go?   oldmanandthesea - Apr-17-08 7:35pm
Regarding All Recent Controversies   songslinger - Apr-17-08 4:38pm
Candlestick Point 4/17..   buzzcatcher - Apr-17-08 3:32pm
Any1 have any luck with metal jigs for Surf perch?   blah - Apr-17-08 1:20pm
Are Surf perch safe to eat?   blah - Apr-17-08 10:38am
BP Butts   savage1 - Apr-17-08 9:47am
East Bay Stripers   savage1 - Apr-17-08 9:41am
Ocean Beach @ Noriega   headbuffalo - Apr-16-08 10:30pm
Clayman/Sebastes2   fish4free - Apr-16-08 9:39pm
Does anybody know this spot in West Pittsburg.....   buzzcatcher - Apr-16-08 9:10pm
malibu   starryflounder1 - Apr-16-08 5:38pm
Central Coast, April 11 and 13   frozendog - Apr-16-08 4:05pm
Video- Carp Fishing in 2008   minnowmagnet - Apr-16-08 2:05pm
Rio Vista action   headbuffalo - Apr-16-08 1:41pm
catalina   johnnyboy15 - Apr-16-08 1:25pm
Belmont Pier and Marina bridge   fresh_six - Apr-16-08 12:47pm
Insert fishing pun about "greatest catch" here...   dompfa ben - Apr-16-08 11:45am
Mission Bay San Diego 4-15-08   san_diego_pier_man - Apr-16-08 8:35am
Once again bored on Youtube   norcalrod - Apr-16-08 12:50am
skunked   mkdinc - Apr-15-08 11:24pm
I freakin HATE mussel   blah - Apr-15-08 12:55pm
Have a great time at Catalina!!!!!   baitfish - Apr-15-08 11:51am
No license.   woody82270 - Apr-15-08 11:24am
Question on catching baitfish Total NooB here   blah - Apr-15-08 9:00am
Volunteers need for a kids fishing event!   gordo grande - Apr-14-08 9:57pm
berkeley marina bait shop?   ron - Apr-14-08 9:48pm
tues fishing   mkdinc - Apr-14-08 8:45pm
question on finding midshipmen   friscostriper - Apr-14-08 8:24pm
MDR pier   backpacker - Apr-14-08 7:48pm
Balboa Pier 4/14   fresh_six - Apr-14-08 7:00pm
Ventura Pier and Ventura pier surf 4-11-2008   nigeria butler - Apr-14-08 1:41pm
Point Reyes Kehoe Beach   charro - Apr-14-08 11:16am
Gaviota - 4/12   squidhead - Apr-14-08 6:41am
Sonoma coast   eelmaster - Apr-14-08 6:14am
"Growin' Up A Pier Rat" — Still need a few...   Ken Jones - Apr-14-08 5:28am
El Grey & Burlingame shoreline   norcalrod - Apr-14-08 2:05am
is there any fishing spots around santa cruz?   friscostriper - Apr-13-08 11:22pm
El Porto Con Los Cubanos!   gordo grande - Apr-13-08 6:44pm
Rio Vista late night   headbuffalo - Apr-13-08 11:30am
Santa Monica Pier...   kcruise - Apr-13-08 10:46am
Barred Surfperch   Salton Sea Guy - Apr-13-08 9:58am
April 12 '08, South Jetti, Humboldt   Sebastes2 - Apr-12-08 9:05pm
Manhattan Beach Pier scouting report 4/12   aquahmonk - Apr-12-08 8:29pm
One week to the Catalina Derby.   Ken Jones - Apr-12-08 5:27pm
South of Half Moon Bay...   Salty Nick - Apr-12-08 4:07pm
Berkeley Pier 4-10   drudown - Apr-12-08 2:29pm
Fort Bragg   headbuffalo - Apr-12-08 10:13am
malibu/santa monica question   scfishn - Apr-12-08 9:55am
Salmon — State of Emergency   Ken Jones - Apr-12-08 6:01am
Historical Society & Oceanside Pier —   Ken Jones - Apr-12-08 5:56am
Salmon fishing shutdown tests Santa Cruz family—   Ken Jones - Apr-12-08 5:47am
Hotel Del Coronado San Diego??   b1gbadbass - Apr-12-08 1:48am
Aprill 11 '08, South Jetti, Humboldt   Sebastes2 - Apr-11-08 8:05pm
Nice day for perch   mixbreed - Apr-11-08 5:09pm
Fullscreen Quicktime Panorama of Pacifica Pier   paul_e_ester - Apr-11-08 5:02pm
Thank you all for the sentiments   stripesidechaser - Apr-11-08 3:09pm
manhattan beach pier 04/10   jeremy8m - Apr-11-08 1:35pm
sturgeon spots   s7vengill - Apr-11-08 11:38am
Mission Bay San Diego 4-10-08   san_diego_pier_man - Apr-11-08 9:41am
Gaviota 4/10/08   polishfromthedeep - Apr-10-08 10:43pm
Didn't think this was actually...   noviceboy - Apr-10-08 10:03pm
finally a good tide   Lagodon - Apr-10-08 9:22pm
GP 4-10-08   pierhead - Apr-10-08 5:14pm
Sonoma County MLPA closure here-say   sleepingisnicer - Apr-10-08 5:06pm
Shock leader question......   buzzcatcher - Apr-10-08 2:23pm
Antioch Bridge Pier Report   bargeclimber - Apr-10-08 9:27am
Seacliff pier 4/9/08   pierrat80 - Apr-9-08 10:21pm
A question about Free Fishing Day on June 7.   jae519 - Apr-9-08 1:13pm
Seacliff Pier.   pierrat80 - Apr-9-08 10:10am
manhattan beach pier 04/08   jeremy8m - Apr-9-08 9:33am
fishing and camping over the summer   therealhobos - Apr-8-08 10:18pm
Ken have you fished Fort Bragg lately   tackelman - Apr-8-08 4:18pm
Goleta Pier 4-8-08   pierhead - Apr-8-08 3:41pm
sandcrabs   jeremy8m - Apr-8-08 2:38pm
Any Day for Surf Stripers   goingfishin - Apr-8-08 11:08am
Cool article about artificial reef on East Coast   madmax - Apr-8-08 10:54am
Crockett afternoon to sunset   headbuffalo - Apr-7-08 10:44pm
A fool in the rain-late, from the Central Coast   frozendog - Apr-7-08 3:18pm
ANyone fished near HMB?   fishingfanatic - Apr-7-08 2:21pm
Ventura Pier 4/5   stevementzer - Apr-7-08 12:34pm
Fishing for Mackeral   propfishn - Apr-7-08 12:34pm
bonito   jeremy8m - Apr-7-08 11:44am
el granada south jetty   friscostriper - Apr-7-08 6:29am
Cool pic..   cheddah - Apr-6-08 10:14pm
Port Costa fri night/all day sat   fish4free - Apr-6-08 6:19pm
CDFG: Ocean Salmon Update and FAQ   gyozadude - Apr-6-08 4:20pm
bolsa chica jetty   tshaffer - Apr-6-08 3:59pm
Late Goleta reports and lost stuff.   yakattack - Apr-6-08 11:41am
Big Striper Report   gyt - Apr-6-08 9:56am
stinkyfingers—   Ken Jones - Apr-6-08 6:46am
crazy day at berkely   oceanfisher404 - Apr-6-08 2:36am
Stearns Wharf and Goleta 4-5-08   polishfromthedeep - Apr-6-08 1:42am
Anyone here catch a snakehead?   stinkyfingers - Apr-6-08 12:58am
San Diego Bay 4-5-08   san_diego_pier_man - Apr-6-08 12:21am
Manhattan pier 4/5   mahigeer - Apr-5-08 11:24pm
April 03 South Jetti, April 04 '08, North Jet   Sebastes2 - Apr-5-08 9:13pm
Crockett 04/05/2008   Shadow - Apr-5-08 5:16pm
Gordon Ramsey likes 'em BIG!   kennygotskunked - Apr-5-08 5:02pm
went out plugging near opp   friscostriper - Apr-5-08 3:44pm
Cement Boat Pier/ Seacliff beach?   pierrat80 - Apr-5-08 3:01pm
montezuma sloughs   friscostriper - Apr-5-08 12:43pm
Rio Vista and OB@ Nori   headbuffalo - Apr-5-08 4:55am
THE ONE!!!!!!!   1CrAzyR8R - Apr-4-08 7:36pm
Whats the report on smelt and other various bait   Mr. Anchovy - Apr-4-08 5:32pm
Humboldt Bay--South Jetty   Clayman - Apr-4-08 4:36pm
Any one fish Crockett?   fish4free - Apr-4-08 3:38pm
Pacifica Perch   mixbreed - Apr-4-08 12:53pm
Ventura Fishing...Pier/Boat/Kayak   ohbwon - Apr-4-08 11:49am
sabiki   jeremy8m - Apr-4-08 11:49am
San Rafael / China Camp 4/4   big one - Apr-4-08 11:20am
manhattan pier 04/03   jeremy8m - Apr-4-08 10:45am
Mission Bay session   geese - Apr-4-08 1:07am
Goleta 4/3   Seabass_Seeker - Apr-4-08 12:25am
Dirty water, or maybe "red tide" in LA   mahigeer - Apr-3-08 11:32pm
Great day, few fish   ogreen - Apr-3-08 10:53pm
any sign of anchovies?   mkdinc - Apr-3-08 9:35pm
Hit it again-T/No-shirt weather   P boy - Apr-3-08 6:59pm
Alameda Striper?   minnowmagnet - Apr-3-08 5:38pm
manhattan beach pier   jeremy8m - Apr-3-08 5:15pm
divers vs.fishermen   Superfish - Apr-3-08 3:30pm
Bucktail jigs   SurfFisher - Apr-3-08 10:30am
Berkeley Shoreline   illcatchanything - Apr-3-08 8:51am
south city dumps   friscostriper - Apr-2-08 10:37pm
Getting Close To My First Hali.......   1CrAzyR8R - Apr-2-08 8:15pm
Stripers on the Beach   rons reel repair - Apr-2-08 5:45pm
The flats to benicia and back.   P boy - Apr-2-08 3:43pm
Berkeley Pier 3/31 - 2/1   drudown - Apr-2-08 1:10pm
Skunked yesterday north of HMB...   Salty Nick - Apr-2-08 10:59am
Ocean Beach Pier 4/1   drock007 - Apr-2-08 9:38am
A Beautiful Article on Aaron Griffin   bargeclimber - Apr-2-08 9:30am
Just the reminder ;19 days to Catalina   mahigeer - Apr-1-08 11:21pm
Here's agreat story for toy fishing gear   norcalrod - Apr-1-08 11:00pm
Marina Del Rey live bait platform 4/1   mahigeer - Apr-1-08 10:57pm
Fishing Down the 101 (S of SB)...Any Suggestions?   la mosca - Apr-1-08 10:57pm
Humboldt Bay--South Jetty, 3-31 and 4-1   Clayman - Apr-1-08 9:15pm
Balboa Pier Keepers   snookie - Apr-1-08 3:37pm
Burlingame 3/31   Sharkman20 - Apr-1-08 7:33am
Tomales Bay....inverness..3/31   cougar - Mar-31-08 11:13pm
late post hmb lil pier   friscostriper - Mar-31-08 9:34pm
late post hmb lil pier   friscostriper - Mar-31-08 9:34pm
anchovies   Jim C - Mar-31-08 8:07pm
Seacliff pier and beach   takometer - Mar-31-08 7:27pm
Kids and Pier Fishing   skyhook - Mar-31-08 6:36pm
The three MLPA Proposals—   Ken Jones - Mar-31-08 5:20pm
Remember this contrarian view: bsp and anchovies—   Ken Jones - Mar-31-08 5:17pm
San Mateo Coast perching   charro - Mar-31-08 4:35pm
Seal Beach Halibut   raymo43 - Mar-31-08 7:20am
A disturbing yet an informative picture!   mahigeer - Mar-30-08 10:53pm
Sushi MmmMmmM   gyt - Mar-30-08 6:44pm
Eureka's South Jetty   XengineSlug - Mar-30-08 5:06pm
The Great United States of California loses   Santa - Mar-30-08 4:10pm
April '08 Pier Report (#123) —   Ken Jones - Mar-30-08 2:21pm
Bonito @ Catalina!   scooterfish - Mar-30-08 2:20pm
MLPA Story —   Ken Jones - Mar-30-08 1:51pm
Mud Marlin get together   tmfleo - Mar-30-08 1:29pm
Anyone fished Belmont or Cabrillo lately?   Ken Jones - Mar-30-08 12:27pm
After the BP perch derby   tmfleo - Mar-30-08 10:50am
Berkeley Rocks 3/29   MinnowMagnet - Mar-30-08 9:35am
Berkeley Perch Derby Results—   red fish - Mar-29-08 8:50pm
report rio vista   geraldkoons - Mar-29-08 5:23pm
Marina Del Rey   hoozangie - Mar-29-08 4:12pm
GP 3-29-08 Noontime report   pierhead - Mar-29-08 2:21pm
Aplogies to Berkeley Perch Derby participants—   Ken Jones - Mar-29-08 1:00pm
ferry landing   woody82270 - Mar-29-08 11:51am
coronado ferry landing   Raider - Mar-28-08 10:20pm
John Mary   fishing_fool - Mar-28-08 6:46pm
The three MLPA Proposals—   Ken Jones - Mar-28-08 5:23pm
any body fish rio vista?   headbuffalo - Mar-28-08 11:49am
I've asked for more info. on Bean Hollow.   Ken Jones - Mar-28-08 9:55am
Details on the loss of Aaron Griffin   bargeclimber - Mar-28-08 9:12am
Perch Derby update   glowlight - Mar-28-08 8:37am
hairraiser action   Lagodon - Mar-27-08 8:49pm
Catalina artwork—amazing job as usual by Jeff.   Ken Jones - Mar-27-08 7:24pm
nph/ balboa thursday SLOOOOOW....   tshaffer - Mar-27-08 5:58pm
Del Mar Fred Hall Show   Trogdor - Mar-27-08 3:31pm
I have some bad news re: StripeSideChaser   bargeclimber - Mar-27-08 11:42am
Trying to catch my first Hali ever....   1CrAzyR8R - Mar-27-08 11:14am
How many of you fish the beach at Bean Hollow?   Ken Jones - Mar-27-08 11:10am
Goleta   yakattack - Mar-27-08 10:35am

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