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Pier Outing   geese - Jun-1-08 1:50pm
Berkeley 6-1-08   Sharkman20 - Jun-1-08 1:22pm
RFA Randy Fry Dinner in San Rafael 6/14—   Ken Jones - Jun-1-08 1:13pm
Another use of fishing line.   MBRat - Jun-1-08 11:46am
Question for Ken   Dan V. - May-31-08 2:53pm
palos Verde opaleye off the rock   dcc - May-31-08 2:46pm
Last Pier Fishing Report (#125) for this board—   Ken Jones - May-31-08 12:47pm
Mackeral at Huntington Beach?   CALISTOGAKID - May-31-08 11:10am
Emeryville & Berkeley Shoreline, Wednesday   illcatchanything - May-30-08 10:37pm
goleta pier   sbsurfer - May-30-08 9:55pm
Califonria fishing licenses—the beginning:   Ken Jones - May-30-08 6:51pm
See Ya Later, Old Board   songslinger - May-30-08 6:21pm
OB Pier   msteiger - May-30-08 3:44pm
Berkeley Friday   Sharkman20 - May-29-08 9:07pm
Hunting lobster poachers at the Santa Monica Pier   Ken Jones - May-29-08 8:14pm
Paging Jeff - Salty Nick -- Help needed   grammar police - May-29-08 11:06am
Those having login problems with new board...   kelpangler - May-29-08 9:19am
muni sf   turtle - May-29-08 4:56am
heading out to berkeley pier thursday   tommysaechao - May-29-08 1:20am
Going to Berkeley Thursday night   Northern Boy - May-28-08 10:03pm
Is everyone able to post on the new board?   Ken Jones - May-28-08 7:54pm
Live Bait @ Berkeley Marina   jettyjockey - May-28-08 7:20pm
Pixy Stix as bait? Seal Beach 1999—   Ken Jones - May-28-08 5:36pm
seal beach pier   johnnyboy15 - May-28-08 2:13pm
~Salmon in the SoCal Surf~   aznfisherman192 - May-27-08 11:12pm
Another huge 7-gill shark reported from OB Pier—   Ken Jones - May-27-08 7:51pm
Fun at Balboa Pier Today   snookie - May-27-08 4:58pm
Carquinez   drudown - May-27-08 2:59pm
People on fishing piers   piemel - May-27-08 2:35pm
Pictorial report of Redondo Muni.   mahigeer - May-26-08 10:33pm
Cool aerial photograph of Seacliff Pier   climberb9 - May-26-08 9:53pm
bat ray weight   sbsurfer - May-26-08 5:40pm
Great May for halibut on bay—Tom Stienstra   Ken Jones - May-26-08 12:22pm
Has anyone caught a sablefish or a hake...   Ken Jones - May-26-08 10:25am
Mid-State Get-Together up to 10!   gordo grande - May-25-08 11:43pm
thanks for report/sanpablobay/paradise pier   geraldkoons - May-25-08 8:20pm
Malibu pier 5_23_08   riorust - May-25-08 7:43pm
fishing in the wind   johnnyboy15 - May-25-08 2:02pm
central coast skunk   phiberoptiks - May-24-08 10:48pm
Shark Attack at San Clemente Pier—   Ken Jones - May-24-08 3:52pm
searhing for current fishing report/sanpablo bay   geraldkoons - May-24-08 2:29pm
Interesting pic of Imperial Beach Pier/storm   Ken Jones - May-23-08 10:22pm
found rod & reel from BP   Superfish - May-23-08 9:14pm
Anyone up for a windy Berzerkeley?   stripesidechaser - May-23-08 10:12am
Anything biting in Lodi/Rio Vista?   illcatchanything - May-23-08 6:38am
San Diego this weekend - any ideas?   bassmanben - May-22-08 11:29pm
CHART HOUSE GET-TOGETHER, Please   mahigeer - May-22-08 10:56pm
Fort Baker pier   oldmanandthesea - May-22-08 8:27pm
A day (and night) at the Pier - Pierhead   Ken Jones - May-22-08 4:17pm
Windy BP.....5/22   buzzcatcher - May-22-08 3:46pm
How is Eckley pier for Sturgeon these days?   goingfishin - May-22-08 1:15pm
Is it illegal to snag WSB?   Sin_Coast - May-22-08 10:36am
Angling for big smiles and happy kids—   Ken Jones - May-22-08 10:02am
anyone have report for martinez?   headbuffalo - May-21-08 5:30pm
A few days at Montana de Oro State Park   frozendog - May-21-08 2:26pm
kite fishing?   bnnfsh - May-21-08 1:25pm
MLPA Article   west coast dave - May-20-08 11:21pm
more rays of hope   pier roller - May-20-08 8:33pm
Green Pleasure Pier vs. Cabrillo Mole (stats)   Ken Jones - May-20-08 6:21pm
MLPA SAT meeting in Pacifica 5-30-08   Ken Jones - May-20-08 5:11pm
Fishery Groups Intervene in Striped Bass Lawsuit—   Ken Jones - May-20-08 5:08pm
Your government at work—   Ken Jones - May-20-08 4:51pm
Santa Cruz Boardwalk Pier...what's catching?   jettyjockey - May-20-08 12:18pm
The IDIOTS try again....and fail....AGAIN.   calrat - May-20-08 12:00pm
4 DAYS TO CHART HOUSE GET-TOGETHER.   mahigeer - May-20-08 11:45am
Halibut line shy.. yay or nay???   buzzcatcher - May-20-08 10:13am
Fish ID - brown rockfish   gordo grande - May-20-08 9:37am
goleta pier   rickie777 - May-20-08 9:20am
Kayaking at malibu?   Anglerism - May-19-08 10:13pm
coribina in sb   sbsurfer - May-19-08 9:07pm
Possible mid-state get-together?   gordo grande - May-19-08 8:52pm
Fisherman who stabbed sea lion gets probation   paul_e_ester - May-19-08 7:01pm
Halibut and comercial fisherman inside SF Bay   oldmanandthesea - May-19-08 6:16pm
Sturgeon and sea lions—   Ken Jones - May-19-08 4:12pm
cast nets   johnnyboy15 - May-19-08 4:09pm
Interesting story on white sturgeon—   Ken Jones - May-19-08 4:06pm
Remember the PFIC All Star teams—   Ken Jones - May-19-08 3:56pm
Dodger Blue halibut team vs. Giant Orange   Ken Jones - May-19-08 3:42pm
A big thank you to the PFIC family!   stripesidechaser - May-19-08 11:43am
Rodea from pier or shore???   goingfishin - May-19-08 11:12am
Visiting Southern Cali this Weekend   safetyserg - May-19-08 9:59am
Craziness at Venice Pier yesterday!!!   blah - May-19-08 9:20am
Fisherman Park / Show boat   vkfishers - May-19-08 9:16am
Malibu Area Info??? PLEASE!   polishfromthedeep - May-19-08 8:19am
dana point pier and harbor   kennycrft - May-18-08 10:15pm
I wonder if there will be Humboldt squid hittin'..   Ken Jones - May-18-08 8:01pm
What's the FRIENDLIEST pier in California?   Ken Jones - May-18-08 7:29am
Berkeley Pier - stripers and halis   calrat - May-17-08 11:02pm
I got spooled at the rockwall! 5/17   fish4free - May-17-08 7:42pm
Wild Sturgeon Behavior   goingfishin - May-17-08 5:50pm
Lures at Balboa, 226 halibut, Chopper, etc.   Ken Jones - May-17-08 11:33am
Anyone fish Coronado's Ferry Landing Pier ...   Ken Jones - May-17-08 9:23am
Moleman U out there?   kingjester13 - May-17-08 5:48am
First corbina this year   paulpisces - May-16-08 10:09pm
Volunteers needed--Bolsa Chica Surf Fishing Clinic   gordo grande - May-16-08 9:11pm
What pier, besides Santa cruz is the least ..   riptide - May-16-08 7:35pm
From what pier have you caught the most different   Ken Jones - May-16-08 5:30pm
Nothing but schoolies so far   norcalrod - May-16-08 4:17pm
Longjaw Mudsucker (pic)   minnowmagnet - May-16-08 4:00pm
Alameda Rockwall 5/14 & 5/15   minnowmagnet - May-16-08 3:34pm
Want to work in a tackle shop?   Northern Boy - May-16-08 2:13pm
going fishing around malibu??   swinkim - May-16-08 1:57pm
ray of hope   pier roller - May-16-08 12:03pm
What's today's pier question Ken??   Red Fish - May-15-08 3:14pm
Gaviota, pismo, avila, morro bay, cayucos?   polishfromthedeep - May-15-08 12:26am
seal beach 5/13   johnnyboy15 - May-14-08 2:46pm
Gaviota 5-14   polishfromthedeep - May-14-08 12:10am
What's the most unusual fish you've ever caught ..   Ken Jones - May-13-08 8:15pm
Central Coast Rock Fishing   frozendog - May-13-08 2:21pm
a little birdie told me....Pier 7   headbuffalo - May-13-08 12:57pm
Hallibut Drift or Troll..which more productive?   goingfishin - May-13-08 10:58am
central coast ?   pier roller - May-13-08 8:16am
Berkeley Pier 3-10   drudown - May-13-08 12:27am
eating bat rays   johnnyboy15 - May-12-08 11:35pm
Usernames/Profiles on the new board   rich reano - May-12-08 9:05pm
People you need to try out the new board. Go to...   Ken Jones - May-12-08 8:16pm
SoCal MLPA public input workshops calendar   pierhead - May-12-08 4:26pm
Ocean Beach at nori   headbuffalo - May-12-08 4:07pm
This board will be read only starting June 1.   Ken Jones - May-12-08 6:36am
Had a good day at Berkeley Pier...   Red Fish - May-11-08 8:03pm
Update on Sinker   baitfish - May-11-08 5:29pm
Worst pier for poachers? Worst for snaggers?   Ken Jones - May-11-08 4:14pm
New Message Board format...   Ken Jones - May-11-08 2:20pm
I don't usually report on visits to Isleton but...   Ken Jones - May-11-08 2:19pm
To all the mommy anglers—Happy Mother's Day!   Ken Jones - May-11-08 11:18am
Top the PFC guy at Cat yesterday   boswell - May-11-08 10:48am
American Heritage Girls Surf Fishing Clinic   gordo grande - May-10-08 11:00pm
Humboldt Bay--South Jetty   Clayman - May-10-08 10:13pm
Baker Beach 5-10   fishinchris - May-10-08 8:58pm
Berkeley Pier 5/10/08   MinnowMagnet - May-10-08 8:14pm
grunion   brenn - May-10-08 7:12pm
Updated Hermosa Pier Information—   Ken Jones - May-10-08 2:56pm
Alameda   Salty Nick - May-10-08 2:53pm
event reminder--AHG surffishing clinic tomorrow   gordo grande - May-9-08 9:40pm
Balboa Pier   RayO - May-9-08 1:15pm
For Eureka/Humboldt anglers   Clayman - May-9-08 12:59pm
Shark Surfing?????   illcatchanything - May-9-08 12:07pm
Dead Whale Found Floating Under SF Pier 27   paul_e_ester - May-9-08 8:06am
GP reminder   pierhead - May-9-08 7:57am
Redondo Muni. 5/8   mahigeer - May-8-08 11:27pm
Hey POLISH   Seabass_Seeker - May-8-08 8:55pm
Alameda Rockwall Monster batty! (PICS)   minnowmagnet - May-8-08 8:02pm
Malibu Pier 5/08/2008   nuttyfish - May-8-08 7:14pm
Any reports from newport bay?   billykyd - May-8-08 6:31pm
reports   billykyd - May-8-08 6:25pm
Carmel/Monterey Area   LoyeBechtold - May-8-08 6:18pm
Pier anglers with cameras—recycle bins   Ken Jones - May-8-08 4:54pm
reel repair seminar, may 9th and 10th ....   alantani - May-8-08 12:43am
long time no fish   james171 - May-7-08 9:41pm
Some updated Belmont Pier info—‚   Ken Jones - May-7-08 7:02pm
Da blog connection.   Ken Jones - May-7-08 5:55pm
Cambia surf (late report)   RayO - May-7-08 4:53pm
SaMo Pier this weekend..   kcruise - May-7-08 2:36pm
bonito   jeremy8m - May-7-08 1:47pm
Late report from Morro Bay   fishmom - May-6-08 8:14pm
Some Venice Pier info— #1   Ken Jones - May-6-08 8:07pm
Why does CA State Parks & Rec want to ban fishing?   Noyo Jim - May-6-08 9:25am
Many anglers VS few anglers.....   buzzcatcher - May-6-08 9:07am
Reminder on posting guidelines—esp. #3   Ken Jones - May-6-08 6:09am
help bout rod holder for pier?   mkdinc - May-5-08 7:46pm
Squid in the bay?   Minnowmagnet - May-5-08 6:23pm
Remember the bait tickets? And it's...   Ken Jones - May-5-08 4:05pm
Did ya'll notice by the way that Rich has fixed...   Ken Jones - May-5-08 3:51pm
Da shark hunters.   Ken Jones - May-5-08 3:08pm
Live Anchovies @ BP   jettyjockey - May-5-08 2:00pm
have u caught halibut at night?   headbuffalo - May-5-08 12:39pm
Kids fishing event this weekend-- new info added   gordo grande - May-5-08 11:25am
Can the store clothing and designs be updated?   Mr. Pole Pack - May-5-08 9:09am
What kind of fish is this?   soeurm - May-5-08 7:53am
Scouting trip for the girls fishing clinic   gordo grande - May-4-08 9:07pm
Berkeley Pier   goingfishin - May-4-08 8:29pm
GP 5-4-08   pierhead - May-4-08 1:08pm
RIO VISTA   friscostriper - May-4-08 11:13am
So. Cal—It is time to decide the areas of ...   Ken Jones - May-4-08 10:56am
RIP PFIC brethren—   Ken Jones - May-3-08 7:48pm
Lobsters: Gump, The Internet, and Hypocrisy—   Ken Jones - May-3-08 7:28pm
May '08 Fishing Report (#124) —   Ken Jones - May-3-08 4:14pm
So how did you find out about pierfishing.com?   Ken Jones - May-3-08 11:48am
Hirami anyone?   norcalrod - May-3-08 2:58am
Did anyone here fish the Redondo Sportfishing...   Ken Jones - May-2-08 7:59pm
Ken, are you going to update the *cartoon*??   Red Fish - May-2-08 11:33am
All salmon fishing banned on West Coast   paul_e_ester - May-2-08 6:16am
manhattan beach 5/01   jeremy8m - May-1-08 11:45pm
Interesting Day at Balboa   snookie - May-1-08 6:17pm
MLPA SIG notes and NCC Preferred Proposal   gyozadude - May-1-08 5:40pm
night fishing berkeley   alanfish23 - May-1-08 2:44pm
looking for halibut in the southbay   mixbreed - May-1-08 2:40pm
live anchovies - what are those for!?!~   rumble_fish - May-1-08 1:11pm
Reminder on search function —   Ken Jones - May-1-08 6:07am
How have things changed?   Ken Jones - May-1-08 5:58am
The "preferred" MLPA plan sent to the commission.   Ken Jones - May-1-08 5:46am
When is MMGT 2008?   Red Fish - Apr-30-08 8:07pm
so cal fishing.??   mkdinc - Apr-30-08 7:21pm
anyone going to bp this weekend?   bassmanben - Apr-30-08 3:25pm
Alameda Striper?   Minnowmagnet - Apr-30-08 3:07pm
Treasure Island question   thomas - Apr-30-08 2:25pm
Alameda 4/28 and 4/29   Minnowmagnet - Apr-30-08 2:19pm
Any Morro Bay advice?   fishmom - Apr-30-08 1:03pm
A mix of old threads—   Ken Jones - Apr-30-08 6:07am
With all the controversy regarding...   calrat - Apr-29-08 11:40pm
Ft. Baker Jetty/Marin Headlands   Mr. Anchovy - Apr-29-08 10:38pm
April 27 '08, South Jetti, Humboldt   Sebastes2 - Apr-29-08 8:57pm
berkeley anchovies   alanfish23 - Apr-29-08 5:51pm
halibut fishing   jeremy8m - Apr-29-08 4:37pm
Event Added---surf fishing clinic   gordo grande - Apr-29-08 9:53am
Raiders finally moving to the south bay   norcalrod - Apr-29-08 3:47am
Incident at HB Pier w/large fish & Ruby's Diner   fission machine - Apr-28-08 11:44pm
Newport Pier 4/27   drudown - Apr-28-08 4:32pm
Got a fish to go with my cilantro   tinle - Apr-28-08 4:22pm
Dockweiler on a Monday morning   gordo grande - Apr-28-08 3:23pm
catalina   johnnyboy15 - Apr-28-08 1:01pm
OCTOPUSSIN??   Clayman - Apr-28-08 12:41pm
anyone fish pier 7 or 32???   headbuffalo - Apr-28-08 11:49am
Late report from the Central Coast   frozendog - Apr-28-08 11:40am
BP 4/26/08, Combat Fishing at its best   illcatchanything - Apr-28-08 7:13am
Manhattan surf and pier 4/27   mahigeer - Apr-27-08 11:34pm
Halibut at Gaviota,Tijugas   LoyeB - Apr-27-08 10:25pm
Oakley and Berkeley Piers 2008-04-26   rustyswivel - Apr-27-08 9:07pm
Alameda Rockwall   litoaznbabiib0i - Apr-27-08 8:48pm
Berkeley Pier Question...tidal flow for drifting   goingfishin - Apr-27-08 5:22pm
Volunteers wanted...Saturday, May 10th   gordo grande - Apr-27-08 5:19pm
Bass and rockfish but no bonito -- Avalon 4/26/08   dompfa ben - Apr-27-08 4:53pm
avila handford   pier roller - Apr-27-08 3:39pm
Alameda Striper - Plan 'B'   Salty Nick - Apr-27-08 1:21pm
SCal ChartHouse get-together.   mahigeer - Apr-27-08 10:21am
Shark attack in San Diego   moto - Apr-27-08 8:20am
Berkeley Pier 4/26/08   bassmanben - Apr-26-08 11:29pm
RIO VISTA   friscostriper - Apr-26-08 8:15pm
dumbarton on thursday   woody82270 - Apr-26-08 5:01pm

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