Subject: heading out to berkeley pier thursday
Name: tommysaechao
Date: May-29-08 1:20am

hi im kinda new to this whole halibut fishing and im heading out to berkeley pier thursday night with some friends and was wondering if anybody can give me some tips on wat bait and hook to use and when and where on the pier is best for those fish and if anything else is hitting at berkeley pier rite now thanks in advance

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Subject: Hit search (at top) and enter Berkeley Pier.
Name: Ken Jones
Date: May-29-08 5:30am

There's a ton of information available and it should answer all your questions. Good luck.

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Subject: Re: heading out to berkeley pier thursday
Name: Red Fish
Date: May-29-08 1:31pm
Link: http://www.songslinger.net/oldfishing.html

Go to the "Old Site" below and scroll down the page to "Style and Technique."

Other than that, use squid and anchovy on hi/lo's (surf-leaders) and sliding weight rigs (bottom rig). About a 2/0 sharp octopus hook could take all...maybe 3 or 4 ought if you want to bump it up a bit. You can just use tied snelled hooks on the hi/lo leader if that makes things easier. Use weight (sinker) according to the gear you have. 3 or 4 ounces perhaps... Fresher the bait the better. Anchovy will take halibut, ray, whatever... squid will take ray/shark usually....


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