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Pier Fishing in California
Autographed First Edition

Proceeds from the sale of the "Pier Fishing in California" and items will be used to fund this Pier Fishing in California web site.

-The most comprehensive book ever published on pier fishing in California.

Detailed instructions on how to fish 92 different piers.

Detailed information (including identification) of the 100 most common pier fish in California.

Detailed information on the environment of piers, tackle and equipment, bait, and how to clean and cook your catch.

What the experts say:

  • Finally, a fact-filled book for California's piers...how, what, where, why and when. Don't go pier fishing without it.
      United Anglers Of California

  • Ken Jones has put a lifetime of pier fishing experience into a book that should be in every angler's library. It is full of valuable information that will benefit the beginner, the expert and everyone in between.
      Guy Clifton, Editor
      Fishing & Hunting News

  • This is the best pier fishing book I've ever seen...and the information in Pier Fishing in California is just what you need for a successful fishing venture anywhere along the California coast.
      Bill Karr, Editor
      Western Outdoor News

  • This guide is perfect! It's most comprehensive, accurate, well organized and filled with sound advice. Just right for all anglers who want to successfully fish California's many piers, from Oregon to Baja."
      Larry Green
      KCBS Fisherman's Forecast

Online ordering for the book is currently not available.
To order, send check or money order for $15.95 to:

Ken Jones -- The Pier Fisherman
PO Box 690299
Stockton, CA 95269

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