Visitor Comments and Letters - June '98

These messages have been edited. Although I feel the content is of interest, I want to provide as much privacy as possible to the various people who have taken time to comment. Let me know if you feel this is an interesting page. KJ

Date: June 1, 1998
To: Ken Jones
Greg Tang
UFish Award


I've updated the UFish Homepage to highlight your site for the month of June. Additional link has been active for sometime now on the Awards page ( as well.

Attached find a copy of the UFish award for posting on your site. Another link on your general Links page w'be appreciated as well. Look to hitting some of the fishing piers and boats in NC in July. Johnathan at NC Onshore and Inshore Fishing (aka Jonathan's Pier Fishin' Page) was helpful as usual.

Take care,


Hi Greg,

Thanks for the links. My pages have been a little messed up lately but hope to have them all back in shape soon.

Best wishes, Ken

Date: June 1, 1998
To: Ken Jones
From: Dwight
Subject: Piers

Mr. Jones,

Is there something wrong with your website this month? I can't seem to access it at all.

Thanks for the info...



We're having a few technical difficulties as they say...hope to have it fixed soon.

Best wishes, Ken

Date: June 2, 1998
To: Ken Jones
Subject: Testing 1-2-3


We are testing some "smart software" in an effort to reach people who love to fish. Our software thinks you qualify. Do you love to fish? Is reading a good book about fishing the next best thing? If not, and if you don't want to get notices like this one, please accept our apologies and reply to this email with just the word "DUMB" as the subject and we won't bother you again.

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Fishing is the second most popular (outdoor) pastime of all time. We hope you are enjoying it immensely.

Happy Waters,

Bob Podolsky

Date: June 3, 1998
To: Ken Jones
From: Ron Ducoff
Subject: We'd like to Link your site to Ours

Ahoy Ken Jones,

A new On-line Internet fishing club though World Opponent Network (WON) with Sierras Trophy Bass 2 fishing programs was launched on the net this past July 27,1997.

The name of the club is The Fishing Pier. The Fishing Pier went online July 28,1997 and to date we have over 1000 "Crew" members internationally making us the largest online fishing club on the net. We are designed for the entire family and our purpose is to help people learn about fishing and to just have some down-home fun.

The Fishing Pier has held 8 Tournaments so far as well as participating in a special Children's Charity Tournament in December which raised $781.00 and was donated to the National Foundation for Children with Aids. All of the tournaments held have been a splendid success and a great time was had by all.

The Fishing Pier is in search of sponsors and we'd like you to join us. We have a page just for sponsors' and we will link your site to The Fishing Pier. It's a win-win proposition for both us. Please feel free to view The Fishing Pier at

We will be having approximately 24 to 30 eligible tournament winners. The Pier is not asking you to cover all our tournament winners. All tournament winners will be posted on The Pier's web site and "WON". We'd be happy to receive a couple of T-shirts or hats, or subscription. Once we have the donations from Pier Fishing, we would take care of the postage and distribution of the prizes. There are four divisions that the members (The Crew) of the Fishing Pier will fish in which will be determined by two qualifying lakes. The division's are Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Novice We will be awarding prizes to the top fishers in each division.

If there is anything you would be able to help us out with, we would be most appreciative.

If you have any suggestions, comments questions, please feel free to contact me.


Ron Ducoff

aka Smokens

Captain of The Fishing Pier

Date: June 3, 1998
To: Ken Jones
From: Boyd Grant
Subject: Reportership

Ken -

Since I last talked with you last a decision has been made to close our West Coast operations and I have been shuttling back and forth between Dallas and Tampa getting their centers up to speed. It looks like I am going to be "in-between" until October or November.

Ken - as much as I enjoyed being one of your "official" pier rats I'm afraid I going to have to bow out. You've got a great site and I'm going to miss being a part of it but as the man says - you gotta do what you gotta do.

Thanks for everything.



You'll will be truly missed. Your reports, your ideas, and the interest you showed are unreplaceable. Florida's gain will truly be California's loss. But, as you said, you've got to do what you got to do. Best wishes in the East and hope you catch a lot of fish on the Texas and Florida piers.

Keep in touch and best wishes, Ken

Date: June 4, 1998
To: Ken Jones
From: Carson F
Subject: pier fishing

I was wondering if you knew of any small northern Ca. towns that are good spots to visit. Your site was very informative and if you know of any other good piers please let me know at ...

Hi Carson,

Well, it kind of depends on what area you are in. There are more than 100 public piers along the coast and in the bays.

Give me an idea and I can be more specific.

Best wishes, Ken Jones, The Pier Fisherman


Well, I guess a better idea of an area would be from Bodega Bay to about Eureka. That is the area that is most easily accessible. I also really like the smaller piers that aren't as well known as the ones in the larger towns. Any ideas of locales would be really appreciated!!!


Hi Carson,

I am attaching some sections taken out of my book which pertain to the area you mentioned. Hope it helps you out.

Best wishes, Ken Jones

Date: June 7, 1998
To: Ken Jones
From: Matt S
Subject: Pacifica Pier

Well, I guess you are really busy or not home Ken, but I visited Pacifica the other day on the 6th and the pier was under attack from a huge school of jacksmelt. My friend and I caught over 40 of them which were promptly released or given away to less fortunate anglers. I also saw that people at the end of the pier were catching some salmon. All were shakers though, but some guy in a wheelchair hooked onto a huge one and we all saw it, but then it wrapped around a piling and broke the line. Some other guy hooked something big and it turned out to be a 5 and a half foot thresher shark! It was huge and just before we were about to attempt to net it, it took a huge powerful run and the guys

drag couldn't handle it. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz- snap! I had a huge bite when my bobber went under but alas nothing was there but shredded bait. A nearby seal was catching more salmon than the anglers were.


Hi Matt,

Thanks for the report. Sounds like the salmon are starting to come into the pier area (and it's about time). Your story once again reminds me how hard it really is to catch big fish at a pier. You can hook them and get them to the top but you've got to be ready with a net or other appropriate gear. Hope you have continued success and catch some big salmon this summer.

Best wishes, Ken

Date: June 10, 1998
To: Ken Jones
From: Matt Forget
Subject: San Diego

Ken ,

I would like to talk to you about using your fish of the month article off your web-site for our San Diego Chapter of PESCA. We would in return promote your book, website and you in our newsletter and club meetings. Please call me at my office ... so I can discuss this with you. Thanks again, Matthew Forget - PESCA

Have A Great Day!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Matt,

I'll will give you a call but there is no problem if you want to use the article -- with appropriate credit.

Ken Jones, The Pier Fisherman

Date: June 10, 1998
To: Ken Jones
From: Gill -- PESCA
Subject: greetings

Ken ,

Can you help Walter with the following question (see below)? I told him I was forwarding his request to the master.

Tight Lines,


PS Glad to see that some of your Pier Rats are joining up.

From: Walter M


I just got my charter member package. Y'all do things up right! If the quality of that package has any relationship to how well the organization is going to do, B.A.S.S. had better look out. The T-shirt is a wonder. I've spent three days in the thing already and I've only owned it two weeks. At this rate I'll wear it out from the inside before it ever gets a chance to go fishing! I guess I need a couple more. How much?

I've got a question for the brotherhood. What kind of granny cart holds two five gallon paint buckets to toddle down the pier with? The carts are hard enough to find, period, let alone one big enough to hold the buckets with a ice chest on top, a landing net and 3-4 rods. The reason I haven't figured this out for myself is that the last (quite a) few years I've concentrated on hunting. This summer I'm not going anywhere so I'm going very seriously pier fishing (chalk that up to Ken Jones' book) and during the cooler part of the year I work two jobs and am carrying 6 units of graduate work. Now that summer is here, all I want to do is fish.

Thanx, Walter


Sure, I'll be glad to send him some information. How is everything going? Hope PESCA continues to grow and does well. I've sent out quite a few brochures to interested people but I don't know how many actually replied to you. Hope it's a bunch.

School is almost out so I should have time to write you a few articles and actually have some time to go FISHING. I will also be in Los Angeles/San Diego July 5-15 so hope we have a chance to meet one another. Got to go and finish grading finals but continued best wishes.


Hi Walter,

Gill sent me your note from PESCA and I wish there were an easy answer but there isn't. I have two carts of slightly different size but simply had to keep asking at various stores until I found the appropriate carts. I believe some WallMarts carry carts as do some stores like KMart, Longs, etc, but it seems to be up to the individual store managers.

However, they are out there. As for the rod holders, most anglers who have carts add the holders using PVC pipe. I find that my cart holds one 5-gallon bucket comfortably, on top of that I have a small tackle box which lays flat, and on top of that I carry a small ice chest. I carry two rods when I go to the pier (most piers only allow two rods), light and medium tackle outfits, and really feel I am prepared for almost any situation.

There are some different type carts out there (and I think I have a link in my Links Page to one outfit in Wisconsin that has a type of cart) -- check it out under tackle.

By the way, glad to hear you got the book and hope you catch LOTS of fish this summer. Drop me a line and let me know how you do:

and, are you familiar with my Pier Fishing in California web site?

Let me know if you find the cart.

Best wishes, Ken Jones, The Pier Fisherman

Date: June 11, 1998
To: Ken Jones
From: California Fishing Ring
Subject: California Fishing Ring

I was quite impressed with the content and overall presentation of you web site when I visited it earlier this week and would like to personally extend this invitation to join the California Fishing Ring. By joining, you will enjoy more targeted hits to your own site while helping promote this great sport in the beautiful state of California.

This is a new endeavor, so the ring is still small (for the time being). I've sent out invitations to several very impressive, high quality fishing sites in California and am anticipating some rapid growth the very near future.

Because it's so localized, I don't expect this to ever be one of the biggest fishing rings, but because it's so localized, I do suspect it will be one of the best!

Thank you for your consideration, California Fishing Ring


I've looked at your ring and it looks good. I will give the information to my webmaster and have him put it up.

Best wishes, Ken Jones, The Pier Fisherman

Date: June 13, 1998
To: Ken Jones
From: dtusaf
Subject: Bait size

I fish with me 11 year old son at Seal Beach. Somebody told me to use small pieces of cut bait, we would get more action. Now I cut our bait perhaps 1 and 1/2 times the hook size. Would cutting the bait small or even in half increase out getting bites?

How about live bait? I have seen Minnow nets and other Minnow cages but have never used these. In fact I have never used live bait. Would live bait be to me and my son's advantage, we don't go pier fishing very often, most 1 or 2 times during each month?


The size you cut your bait is important and determined by the type of fish you are seeking. For example, if you want to catch a halibut you would want a larger piece of bait -- perhaps a third, a half or a whole anchovy depending on the size of the anchovy. If seeking smaller perch or queenfish, you only need a small piece of bait. For example, when using mussels or pieces of shrimp you really need only enough bait to cover your hook, no more. My belief is that small pieces of bait catch small and big fish. Big pieces of bait catch big fish only. If you only want the bigger stuff stick to the bigger bait. If you want many, many more fish together with some nice fish, cut the size of your bait.

As for live bait -- like smelt or small queenfish -- they are, by far, the best bait for halibut and the occasionally-seen white seabass and similar large species. Plus, it can be fun catching the bait!

Best wishes, Ken Jones, The Pier Fisherman

PS, If you go out to the Seal Beach Pier, say hi to Janie at the tackle shop.

Date: June 16, 1998
To: Ken Jones
From: Don Larson
Subject: Sturgeon Update

I realize it has been awhile since we last communicated, so I thought I would update you on the status of my sturgeon website...


1A) Homepage & Contents
A- Columbia River Sturgeon
historical fisheries

B-Sturgeon Fishing
articles (four so far and more coming)
fishing basics, various info
sturgeon recipes
links (sturgeon specific & general)

C- Species List. List of sturgeon of the world with multiple links to the species of North America.

D- Conservation (info & dozens of links)
caviar & sturgeon
sturgeon conservation worldwide
The sturgeon deaths of British Columbia (article)

E- Aquaria (for the aquarium lovers among us)
Also FAQ, sturgeon fishing reports, and much much more about sturgeon.

If you had planned to make a contribution but hadn't gotten around to it, please take the time to get it to me in the next couple of weeks.

To those of you who have contributed -- Thank You very much! The site will be up soon, (if only I were independently wealthy) job or no job.

Thanks again and stay in touch.

Don Larson

Hi Don,

Your ideas should make a great website. I really don't have the time to do a sturgeon article for you at this time but I certainly look forward to linking to your site, seeing the site myself, and hopefully one day contributing something you can use.

Best wishes, Ken Jones, The Pier Fisherman

Date: June 19, 1998
To: Ken Jones
From: Jeff DeP
Subject: first trip


Great page!

I'm taking my six year old son out to fish on a pier for the first time this weekend. It will also be the first time for me in about 15 years (hehe).We live in Bakersfield and are planing on going to the San Fernando area to visit relatives and to go fishing! Whoohoo! Help! Where should I take him???? Also, any helpful hints would be welcome. It has been awhile!


Hi Jeff,

From the San Fernando area your best bet might be to drop down to the Santa Monica Pier or to drive the few extra miles over to the piers at Manhattan Beach-Hermosa Beach-Redondo Beach. If you have a six-year-old, the extra attractions at Santa Monica or Redondo Beach (rides, snack shops, etc.) might be your best bet. Let me know how you did!

Best wishes, Ken Jones, The Pier Fisherman

Hi Ken,

IT was fun for the kids. My 4 year old daughter wanted to fish too and they each caught a little mackerel. That was all anyone was catching. We went to the Hermosa Beach pier.

Hi Jeff,

Congratulations on some fish. By the way, small mackerel make good bait for halibut on the bottom.

Best wishes, Ken Jones

Date: June 19, 1998
To: Ken Jones
From: Zoy
Subject: Gaviota is open again ....sort of

Made Fishing trip on 18 June.

First went to Goleta for bat ray and sharks, blew the entire morning and did not get a single bite, no one did!

Ate lunch and headed for Gaviota.

It is open but with restrictions:

Park is open 7AM to sundown.

The Pier is only half open the, end is closed.

The boat ramp is closed.

There is no running water, and porta- potty's only.

There is no camping.

The park staff do not know when the park will be fully opened.

Fees are:

$3.00 for access

$5.00 for beach launch of boats

Now the fishing at Gaviota.

There were no diving birds and the ocean had three zones visible, green, aqua-marine blue, and at the end of the pier and out of reach very deep blue. The right side of the pier produced nothing. The left side provided a mackerel swarm on Lucky Laura rigs. Then the bite changed to Big Sardines to about a foot. You could catch them at will, some anglers were getting them six at a time. I left way before the bite ended. From exhaustion. Bigger fish and birds were notably absent.

Hi Zoy,

Sounds like you did pretty good! I guess we should be glad the glass is half full and not worry about it being half empty. Of course when the summer hoards invade the pier space may be at a premium. Anyway, hope to give the pier a shot when I pass through mid-July.

Best wishes and thanks for the information, Ken

Date: June 22, 1998
To: Ken Jones
From: Chad
Subject: Seal Beach

I am going to Seal Beach Pier on Saturday the 27th (hopefully, if my plans don't change) so I should have a report for you by Monday. We will probably hit the side of the South side of the pier first and go for some Halibut and Mackerel.

- Chad

Hi Chad,

Sounds great! Let me know how you do.

Best wishes, Ken

Date: June 23, 1998
To: Ken Jones
From: Russell G
Subject: sheephead fishing.

Hi, I live in San Diego and would like to know what type of bait I should use when fishing for sheephead. Do plastics work and if so, which ones? I fish a lot on Crystal Pier and recently the fishing has been good with large leopard sharks and stingrays being caught. Also some nice sized mackerel and the odd sand bass. Down in the surf section of the pier there have also been some nice corbina and surfperch.

I hope this will be of use to your self as I know there hasn't been a report on Crystal Pier recently.

Cheers, Russell G, The English Bloke as known to the fishermen on the pier and the coffee stand.

Hi Russell,

Thanks for the report on one of my favorite piers. Sheephead are primarily bottom feeders and especially like shrimp. Most are caught on market shrimp but I would also think that ghost shrimp might catch a few. However, I've also heard reports of some being caught on mussels, squid and worms. I haven't heard of any sheephead being caught at Crystal Pier but I have heard of a few over at Ocean Beach. They're are a special surprise for pier fishermen.

By the way, would you care to be the reporter for Crystal Pier? All it would take would be a report toward the end of each month.

Thanks and best wishes, Ken Jones, The Pier Fisherman

Date: June 24, 1998
To: Ken Jones
From: Mark Grimj
Subject: Monthly Pier Report

Hi Ken,

Here's my report for this month.

Antioch Bridge Pier:

I made several trips out to this pier recently. On the times that I was there, I found the fishing very good. Lots of small striped bass were biting, often before my bait hit the bottom. I had good luck using frozen anchovies cut up into four or five chunks and baited up onto a surf leader. Other fishermen are having success with sardines used the same way. I've seen a couple of people catch some good sized catfish while using a variety of baits (anchovies, liver, or grass shrimp.) Be sure to bring along a windbreaker regardless of how warm it may be at your house. The temperature at the pier can drop 20 degrees or more due to wind chill at the pier over the water.

City of Antioch Fishing Pier

Fishing here remains slow. I was able to catch a couple of small striped bass with frozen anchovies. Bites were few and far between. I seemed to have the best luck at the turn of the pier on the west end near the restroom (now closed due to vandalism.) A new bait shop opened in town near this pier. It is on 2nd Street right across from City Hall and is called "Mello's Bait Shop." They have live and frozen bait and some tackle.

Hi Mark,

Thanks again for the report. Hope to see you down at the Antioch Bridge Pier one of these days. I'll be coming down to my mom's house in Pittsburg a few times over the summer months and I'll be checking out the Bay Area piers.

Best wishes, Ken

Date: June 26, 1998
To: Ken Jones
From: Russell G
Subject: sheephead

Hi Ken,

Thanks you for the information. I went down to the Ocean Beach Pier on Wednesday 6/22/98; isn't the pier dirty ? What is wrong with these people who use the pier and then leave there trash all over the place! Well on to a nicer note , thing are heating up on Crystal Pier. A five foot shovelnose was landed yesterday and some nice surf perch in the 1-2lb range. In answer to your question, yes I would love to be the reporter for Crystal Pier. Could you also remind every one out there a license is needed to fish off Crystal Pier as the Fish and Game visit now and again! Please let me know when you would like the next report in by.

Cheers! Russell G

Hi Russel,

Thanks again for the information. I'm making up the July report this weekend and I'll include your recent reports. If you go down to the pier this weekend send me any new information since I can still insert it until Monday.

By the way, I will put your comments about the licenses in the report -- although this has long been a bone of contention between the City of San Diego and Fish and Game. Public piers do not need a license and the city feels it is a public pier since they used public money to remodel/repair the pier and have a long-term contract for use by the city. However, Fish and Game feels it is restricted by the motel and thus doesn't qualify as a public pier. But as you say, if the Fish and Game is going to check licenses then people should be aware. My personal thoughts are that a lot of out-of-staters stay on the pier and go fishing. They're perfect marks for Fish and Game (although I usually support the Fish and Game).

Thanks for your help and I'll watch for your reports.

Best wishes, Ken

Date: June 27, 1998
To: Ken Jones
From: Manuel Z
Subject: pier info...

I was on your web page but saw no info. on how to land large fish from a pier...nets...gaffs...etc... Or did I miss something?

Hi Manuel,

I don't have a specific section regarding your question but the item has been mentioned several times in the various pier articles. I recommend a drop net unless you're fishing for the larger sharks in which case a treble hook gaff is the preferred method. Both are available at the larger tackle shops.

Best wishes, Ken Jones, The Pier Fisherman

Thanks, I had a visitor to my SURF FISHING web site asking Pier questions and was trying to locate a picture of a Drop Net or a Snatch hook so he could see what they look like...He's a 13 Yr Old beginner...Hope he sticks with it!

Thanks for responding!



I have pictures of the net and treble hook gaff in my book; maybe I'll scan them and put them in my pictures section this month.

Best wishes, Ken

Kool! I don't have my scanner hooked up but I do have a book with pictures of both...It would probably be just as easy for me to draw em....I did all the drawings in my tips -n- tricks section

Thanks and Best FISHES heh heh


Date: June 27, 1998
To: Ken Jones
From: Zoy
Subject: Gaviota 21 and 22 June

Fished Gaviota in the afternoon to take advantage of the high new moon tides. Fishing was good; used Sabinki Rigs at the end with Crocodile 2 1/4 spoon for weight. Caught a big mix of fish. Big Sardines, Smelt, Mackerel, were predominate.

There are also swarms of juvenile Lingcod here about 4 inches long if you get your rig into them, they hit every hook, and looked a lot like little eels.

Caught a couple of small Sting Rays too. All fish were caught on the left side of the pier.

Inshore, other Fishers were catching Big Perch and Small Bat Rays 5 to 10 Pounds on Mussels on the right side of the pier towards the rocks.

Also a fishing boat was smashed on the cliffs off the left side of the pier on the 21st, by the next day it had broken in half, might get a new reef there.


Thanks for the report. I'm hoping to be down to the pier sometime between the 5th-15th of July so I hope the fish are still around. Glad to hear the pier is back in action.

Best wishes and continued success in your fishing trips, Ken

Date: June 28, 1998
To: Ken Jones
From: Mark G
Subject: Compliments on your Web site


I just wanted to drop you a line complimenting you on the quality of your web site. I particularly liked the e-mail exchanges. It's nice to know that there are lots of people out there catching fish off piers and supporting your efforts to educate people about the sport. I bought your book some time ago and have found it a valuable source of tips and techniques for catching fish off piers. My son and I are frequent visitors to the Seal Beach pier and occasional visitors at Belmont and Huntington Beach, usually in the evening on weekends. We enjoy it even when we don't catch fish, but since we started applying some of the techniques in your book we've begun catching fish regularly. Most recently we've been getting Guitarfish and croakers off the Seal Beach Pier. Anyway, I just wanted to say I liked your web site, and I hope it makes some money for you soon. Bye.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the comments, I'm glad the book has been a help in your visits to the piers. You're right, the comments are interesting and I find that I sometimes learn as much as the people asking questions. Keep in touch and let me know how you do on your pier fishing trips.

Best wishes, Ken Jones, The Pier Fisherman

Date: June 29, 1998
To: Ken Jones
From: Chad
Subject: Cabrillo Beach Pier


Sat. 6-27-98

Started fishing at 6:00 a.m. A lot of Mackerel and Smelt action on the top water (some smelt being over 10 inches), and deeper water is revealing quite a few sand bass and queen fish. The best method for bottom fishing here is a double hook and leader method above a 2 oz. pyramid sinker on the bottom. All in all, it was a pretty good fishing day.

Sun. 6-28-98

Started fishing at 8:00 a.m. The bite seemed to turn off today, we only nailed one small smelt, a few mackerel and one small Sand Bass. Also what was strange was the fact that there were twice as many people at the pier today as yesterday.



Sounds like you got a little action even if it wasn't really hot. Interesting how one day was good and one day was bad; it is something that is a little hard to explain.

Anyway, best wishes and catch the big one, Ken Jones

Date: June 29, 1998
To: Ken Jones
From: Russell Grossbard
Subject: Crystal Pier monthly report.

Hi, Ken

This weekend 6/27/98-6/28/98 was really good. At the end of the pier things were slow with a few sting rays being caught and some small smelt and mackerel. Down near the surf end of the pier the action was really good, with a few corbina in the 1-pound-2-pound range being caught with ghost shrimp and blood worms. Some nice size surfperch in the 1-pound range and some small barred surfperch -- all being taken on blood worms, mussels, and ghost shrimps. on 6/26/98 I had some good luck and caught three sargo in the 2-3 pound range, a sting ray around the 4-pound mark and a nice size croaker -- all on blood worms. On 6/27/98 I had even more luck with a nice size opaleye, three more sargo all over the pound mark, five small barred surf perch, and a 12-inch sand bass -- all caught on mussels. Sunday I went down to the bay were I had some luck and caught two baby bay bass which went back in the bay.

That's all for now till next time.

Cheers, Russell Grossbard.

Hi Russell,

Thanks for the report and I'm entering it into the monthly report today (in fact right now). I'm a little jealous. Crystal Pier was one of my old stomping grounds back in the '60s and is still visited every year when I make my trips down the coast (in fact I hope to be down there in a couple of weeks).

Hope the fishing remains good for you and stays good until I get there.

Best wishes and thanks again, Ken