Visitor Comments and Letters - June '97

These messages have been edited. Although I feel the content is of interest, Iwant to provide as much privacy as possible to the various people who have takentime to comment. Let me know if you feel this is an interesting page. KJ

June 1, 1997
To: Ken Jones
From: Brian Selander
Subject: Nice Page

Well Done, this is a very useful page when I go pier fishing which is now about twice a summer. I am going to use it as a reference.

Thanks for the information, Brian


Thanks for the nice comments. Maybe you'll be so successful on your next pier trip that you'll become a regular -- a pier rat!

Best wishes, Ken Jones, The Pier Fisherman

June 6, 1997
To: Ken Jones
From: Dwight Hwang
Subject: Appreciation

Mr. Ken Jones,

I've been browsing your "pier" website for the last two months and would like to thank you for establishing such an informative site!

Normally I venture off to Fort Baker Pier but now with all of these reports from other piers, I look forward to fishing at other locales.

With Respect, Dwight Hwang


Thanks very much for your kind words; the site is a labor of love. You're very lucky to have so many piers to visit within a relatively short distance. Hope you do visit some of the other piers and hope you experience success on your visits.

By the way, are you a regular at the Fort Baker Pier? Do you visit it at least once a week or so? If you are, would you be interested in sending me a monthly report on Fort Baker? If not, fine, but if you're interested let me know and I'll send some more information on what kind of things I'm looking for (although you can tell from the reports).

Whatever the case, best wishes and hope you latch onto the big 'un on your next fishing trip.

Ken Jones, The Pier Fisherman

June 10, 1997
To: Ken Jones
From: Mikester (Mike Mogler)
Subject: fishing

Ken, I just downloaded your web site and bookmarked it. I appreciate what you've done here -- we need more of this on the net.

Thanks, Mike


Thanks for the kind words.

Ken Jones, the Pier Fisherman

June 16, 1997
To: Ken Jones
From: Mark Empey
Subject: My email on bat rays

I was re-reading you book and found the areas I skipped over. Very helpful. I would still be interested in any other sources you may know.




Sorry for the delay, but I just got home from fishing some piers in the southland. I spotted your first message and was confused but then saw the second; glad I could help out. As far as other books, one of the most interesting is Probably More Than You Want To Know About The Fishes Of The Pacific Coast by Robert Milton Love - it has a lot of interesting information about our local fish (including bat rays). Other books - let me take a look and I'll send you a message.

By the way, your note was very interesting because I lost a bat ray that I estimated to weigh about 75 pounds a couple of years ago at the same spot on the same pier. I was fishing right near the beginning of the pier by myself, hooked the ray, fought it to the pier, and then managed to lose it as I was trying to gaff it with one hand and hold on to the rod with the other hand. However, I didn't mind too much because they're interesting creatures. But, they are pretty good eating.

Also, I look forward to your reports. I put together the monthly report the last week of each month so try to get me any information you might have by around the 24th/25th; I'll include it in my report.

Best wishes, Ken Jones, The Pier Fisherman

June 16, 1997
To: Ken Jones
From: Mark Empey
Subject: Emeryville Marina

ast weekend (Friday-Sunday), I fished the Emeryville pier (actually just before the pier where closer to the windsurfer ramp). Using squid, my friend and I had five terrific hits resulting in one landed batray. (About two foot in the wing) Were being new to pier and surf fishing, we wouldn't know how to clean, prepare or cook a batray, although passerby's claimed they were very delicious. We bought your book, but there is little to no information on cleaning or preparation for cooking. Do you have a line on any information source for us, a couple of transplanted bass and trout men,

I'll drop you a line from time to time on the Emeryville and maybe Berkley piers.

I'd appreciate any info you could pass along.

June 17, 1997
To: MarlinNut
From: Ken Jones
Subject: Fishing Sites


I came across your site and was very impressed. It has tons of good information and is well designed -- one of the best fishing sites I have seen. Thought you might also like to see my site which deals with a somewhat different type of fishing in California.

Pier Fishing in California:

Best wishes, Ken Jones, The Pier Fisherman

Hi Ken!

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner than this, but I've been swamped. And with the marlin season about to explode it won't get better anytime soon. I just dropped by your site as you recommended and I really like it. Very professional and informative without the clutter you see at so many of the other fishing sites out there. And, even though I am a long time frame hater, I must admit I really like your borderless implementation of frames for your navigational bar ... very nice. I have added your site to my list of links and hope you can do the same. All in all you bring back memories of my childhood catching smelt on the Monstad pier in Redondo Beach ... ah, those were the days!

Thanks for the tip,

Stan Ecklund Jr.

Southern California Marlin Online:

SCMO presents The Marlin Club:

Hi Stan,

Thanks for the kind comments and yes, I will implement the link.

By the way, I just returned from a trip to San Diego. Along the way, I stayed one night at the Country Inn at Ventura. I didn't realize it until I arrived, but on the wall near the entry is the stuffed remains of the 1,319 pound Pacific Blue Marlin which is/was the record fish. What a magnificent fish! Perhaps if El Nino affects the marlin fishing it will bring some blues into your area?

Also, I'm continually amazed by the number of California anglers who began their fishing on the local piers - as at Monstad. People seem to start on the piers and then graduate up to barges, partyboats, or their own private craft. Of course some of us stay on the piers - for different reasons.

Best wishes, Ken Jones, The Pier Fisherman

P.S., I did go marlin fishing once - on Maui, but all we caught were skipjack tuna and one triggerfish (by accident).

June 27, 1997
To: Ken Jones
From: Mike Katz - Santa Barbara
Subject: She hooked a whale!

Ken - Thought you would get a kick out of this one. Some gal was fishing out by my shop yesterday morning and her line headed out and headed out and headed out. Finally it snapped and a baby gray whale surfaced just past the end of the wharf. It is very late in the season and I thought they had already gone through. This one must have gotten lost. I told the gal that gray whales were out of season.



Just got back again! An interesting story about the whale, you hear about it happening but it's pretty rare (although I hooked a Killer Whale once while fishing from a boat near Carmel.

My webmaster should have uploaded the new month's pages last night so look for your pier on the Pier of the Month page.

See you toward the end of the month, Ken

June 30, 1997
To: Ken Jones
From: Fruitpick4
Subject: Fishing

I want to know how to catch a small gray smoothhound shark of Huntington pier. How much leader do I want? What is the best bait, time to fish for them? Where on the pier should I fish? Please e-mail me back at Fruitpick4 if you have any info. Thanks!!!!

Fruitpick4, (?)

Normally the best place to catch the gray smoothhound sharks is in fairly shallow water so try the mid-pier area. Best bait is a bloody piece of mackerel or a good sized piece of squid. Shark fishing is almost always better at night, or the late evening hours - 7-10. As to a leader, keep it simple. A three or four foot leader with about 30 pound test line and a 2/0-4/0 hook should do it.

Good luck and let me know how you do (maybe I'll put it into a report).

Ken Jones, the Pier Fisherman