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Games and Things - Issue #5


Pier Rat Logo Contest
For over a year I have offered a "Pier Rat" t-shirt on the merchandise page with little success. However, I still think it would be good if this site's "pier rats" could have a way of identifying themselves when they are out at their favorite pier. Hats would be fine but I'm not willing to lose money on hats like I did with the shirts. When I asked the people on the Message Board for their thoughts I received the following excellent replies:

Posted by Helen on April 24

Hi Ken,

I have some feedback for you regarding merchandise. While I think the pier rat logo is cute, I think it might be a little cartoonish, especially for a lot of younger guys who might feel a bit self-conscious wearing them. I think the hat idea is a great one since it's so practical -- anyone who's fished the piers either at 3 am in the morning or in full sun in the summer knows this. Again -- I like the logo and this is not meant to offend whoever designed it but my boyfriend for instance, would never wear that shirt and he wears a lot of fishing shirts from Hawaii, etc. Could I suggest a more streamlined, subtle design that could compete more effectively with the array of "hip" sports hats already out there? Maybe you could offer a choice of designs to see what your fellow anglers say about which one they like the best, before you commit to having the hats made. This might give you a sense of the interest out there before your house is cluttered by boxes of hats. By the way, thanks for writing such a great, practical, and informative book. Helen

Posted by YTailStud on April 25

Hey KEN! Brainstorm! I know your busy with your book, website and fishing excursions...so why don't you try this: Hold a contest and let your fellow pier rats come up with a new design! I know ill be the first to enter! Offer a small prize of some sort to the person with the best design...or maybe even first, second and third place. Just an idea.

So, should the hats have the "pier rat" logo that you see on the opening page; should they have the Pier Fishing in California drawing that is on the opening page; or should they have a NEW logo? (Reply to kenjones@pierfishing.com)

In the meantime I'm asking for designs and am willing to have a contest for them. Send in color drawings, designs, or pictures that would work for a logo on a hat. I will then scan the logos and put them on the net for a vote from the "pier rats."

First Place Winner gets two autographed copies of Pier Fishing in Califonia
Second Place Winner gets one autographed copy of Pier Fishing in California
Third Place Winner gets two reel bags

You can send logo designs in the mail to:

Ken Jones
P.O. Box 529
Boonville, CA 95415


e-mail me with an attachment to kjcapfsh@pacific.net or kenjones@pierfishing.com

Address Contest
Did you ever notice that some people are really creative?
Even e-mail addresses can reflect that creativity as seen in the following:

-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-] pierangler@juno.com
H H H H H H H H H H H H H ~^~^~^~^~^~ Mark Grim ^~^~^~
^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~ Antioch, CA ^~^~^

STEVE "the FishMaster" LAU
---------------------o <'}}}#< <'}}}#<

Dennis' Fishing Page

Dennis <*))))))))))><(

Kind of makes you want to sit down and experiment -- doesn't it?

          |          |      |
Pier Fishing in California
          |          |      |
    \       \

Just to prove how bright and intelligent Pier Rats are, I will offer a free copy of Pier Fishing in California to the person who sends in the best new address -- and it must somehow reflect a fish or fishing motif like those above. Just send me your idea via e-mail.

Send it to: kjcapfsh@pacific.net

Fishing Clubs
I mentioned this on the last Games 'n Things page but it is worth repeating. How many of you belong to fishing clubs? I recently received a message from the Marina Del Rey Anglers Club and started wondering how many similar clubs there are in California. If you belong to a fishing club drop me a note and I'll list it on the next Games 'n Things Page. Send me the name and address and a logo if they have one. You can send the logo by e-mail or send it by snail-mail to:

Ken Jones
P.O. Box 529
Boonville, CA 95415

Poll -- What's Your Favorite Pier -- And Why?
I'm curious to know what you consider your favorite pier. Drop me an e-mail message as to your favorite pier and why you like to fish from it.
I'll tabulate the results and let you know in the next Games 'n Things Page.

Send to:


Good Organizations - Logos and Links

United Anglers

United Anglers of Southern California

International Game Fish Association

Ocean Fish Protective Association - Extinct


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