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Message Board Rules & Guidelines

Pier Fishing in California (PFIC) is dedicated to the saltwater pier and shore anglers of California.

The PFIC Message Board is designed as a way for saltwater pier and shore anglers to share their knowledge and experiences in that environment and, hopefully, help increase their success in that particular environment.

The PFIC Message Board is dedicated to providing a quality web site that can be enjoyed by the entire fraternity of pier and shore anglers (which includes many children). We attempt to maintain a "clean" site that restricts vulgarity and "inappropriate" messages and pictures.

To keep inline with those goals and to prevent the ever-growing archive of posts from being diluted, the following rules & guidelines are in place:

  1. Non-pier & non-surf fishing posts are prohibited, such as posts relating to:

    1. Party boats and/or private boats
    2. Kayaks and float tubes
    3. Freshwater fishing (with the exception of the Carquinez Strait and West Delta region, up to Rio Vista)

    Although we realize many of our posters fish a variety of locations and use a variety of methods, other forums are better suited for these types of reports

  2. Use the Search Engine before you post! You'll be able to find past messages from an archive of over 180,000 posts, spanning over 4 years. Chances are, the topic may have already been covered. If you can't find what you are looking for or have something new that may be of interest to others, feel free to post a message.

  3. Posts that contain vulgar/obscene language or personal attacks will be deleted and the person posting the message may lose posting privileges without notice.

  4. In regard to the issue of alcohol and tobacco:

    Moderators will automatically delete any picture showing (known) minors smoking or drinking alcohol. At the same time we realize that these are legal items for adults and that they are used by many PFIC members. As such, we have no intention of deleting pictures that inconsequentially display such use of these items. However, if a subject is showcasing or glorifying the use of alcohol (i.e., the bottle is used as a prop), if the picture causes controversy, or if the moderators feel the picture has been contrived in such a way as to cause controversy, then it will be removed. In such cases the moderators are empowered to delete those pictures felt inappropriate.

  5. Gratuitous posts of a personal nature are subject to deletion.

  6. Commercial posts or advertisements are prohibited, unless permission has been obtained from the PFIC staff. This includes signatures. Contact Ken Jones for permission before including commercial ads or links in your posts or signature.

  7. The message board is not a chat room. Use email if you need to communicate something to a specific person.

  8. While some off-topic posts are allowed (except as noted in #1), please keep them to a minimum.

The rules & guidelines listed above are by no means complete. The moderators of the PFIC message board are given discretion to determine the appropriateness of posts. If your posts gets deleted, try not to take it personally. The goal is to keep the large knowledgebase of messages filled with relevant and informative posts for everyone's benefit.

If you have any questions, contact the moderators.

Last updated April 27, 2004

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